Diamond Buyers Sydney


Diamonds are our best friend and we just can’t get enough of them. We are Australia’s number one buyer when it comes to diamonds and our team of professionals are ready and waiting to walk you through the sales process. We guarantee to give you the best possible market price for your diamonds and we promise never to add on any hidden fees or commissions when you choose to do business with us.

As a well-respected and established company, Cash World Gold Buyers is also able to put you in contact with the relevant classifying bodies if you are looking to obtain an official certificate of authentication for your diamond.

We are committed to giving you the best possible return on your gold, jewellery and precious metals. We will not be beaten on price.

We Buy Diamond Jewellery 

We purchase all unwanted diamond jewellery at competitive market prices. Our transaction procedures make this a quick and easy experience whether it be for diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings or diamond broaches in fact just about any setting a diamond can be found. For once size doesn’t matter as we buy every size diamond whether as big as the Ritz or small and discreet. We guarantee you the highest price for your diamond jewellery with no hidden terms or charges. We WANT YOUR BUSINESS and are ready to give you instant cash in hand, sometimes within 15 minutes. after agreeing to our terms.

Our team members are experts in knowing the worth of your diamond jewellery so you can be confidant that the price offered is truly competitive. The complete honesty of our expert staff and their dedication to customer satisfaction are paramount to our business practices therefore rest assure we offer the best prices, transparent purchasing procedures and instant cast to you.

Among our clients we are thought of as the number one trusted diamond jewellery buyers in Sydney. Should you have such unworn or unloved diamond jewellery we are ready to turn it into instant cash.

We Buy Diamond Rings

Cash World Gold Buyers is not only the number one diamond ring buyer in Sydney but also offers the best resale prices around. Should you have any kind of unwanted diamond ring whether it be engagement, gift, man’s or woman’s, in fact any type of diamond ring and if you are looking at converting them into cash let Cash World Gold Buyers be your first option is it will certainly be the best. With years of experience, our expert team members will ensure your precious diamond rings are given the best possible market valuation thus ensuring you the best possible outcome. Our transparent and easy procedures means no hidden surprises and that your cash in hand be as quickly received as possible. So why not make the journey and be delighted by the outcome. Our office is located at Shop GB 303 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 and for your convenience our trading hours are between 9pm to 5pm Mondays through to Fridays and 9pm to 2pm at Saturday.

We Buy Diamonds

Our customers vote us their number one trusted diamond buyer in Sydney as we are always ready to purchase diamonds at the best market price. If you have any kind of loose diamonds and plan to sell them, then Cash World Gold Buyers is your destination stop with expert hassle free valuations and guaranteed best prices. A specialized and friendly expert buyer will, after an initial conversation, organized an appointment at our Sydney office where he? she will take you through the entire process after which a bank deposit, cheque or cash in hand transaction can take place sometimes as quickly as 15 minutes.

By carrying out an item on the spot valuation of your diamonds we dispense with the need for multiple visits nor having to send your valuable jewels off the premises for valuation. Consider the security, instant valuation, best prices and immediate payment as all part of the exceptional service offered to our clients at Cash World Gold Buyers.

Diamond Purchasing Criteria

Evaluation of your diamond is an exacting science that is based on a universal system of carat weight, colour, clarity and cut or more precisely the 4 C’s. These factors when all considered are what determine the diamond’s value and to shed some light on these factors they are briefly described below.

Carat Weight

Today as the value of diamonds rise we measure your stones in carats to ensure you an optimum price. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams of diamond. The higher the carat count the greater the value and ultimately the better price received. The use of definite carat weights means that the stone is easier to sell thus less confusion over the value.


Cape Series and Fancy Colour are two of the groups, representing colour purity, that we use when valuing your diamonds. The expert staff at Cash World Gold Buyers are experienced in identifying your diamond`s exact colour. Highest in the grading and thus value is the colourless diamonds of the Cape Series. Often traces of yellow within the diamond, undetected by the naked eye, can be found which lowers the value of the stone. The second group or Fancy Colour diamonds are more certain in their colouring eg. blue, purple, red and like the recently sold pink diamond which set a world record.


The value of diamonds is also determined by the clarity of the stone. Like a piece of soft fruit, the most prized is that with least bruising or blemishes, so too it is with diamonds. These are called flawless diamonds and thus sit at the top of the valuation scale. From here the diamond is graded on a pre-existing, internationally recognised grading system where the type and number of bruises or blemishes are considered in valuing the stone.


Beyond all the factors listed above it is the cut that gives the diamond its life, its sparkle. The more facets or sides to the diamond the more brilliant it shines. Nowadays the sophistication of the cutter`s work means that diamonds have rarely appeared more beautiful, more desirable. In saying this it is inevitable the better cut diamond the greater value. Evaluation on your diamond`s worth is very much affected by its apparent desirability thus causing its valuation to increase appropriately.

Although these four points are by no means all that determine the value of a diamond, they do give you some understanding of the expertise required in giving the fairest and most precise valuation possible. No wonder our clients applaud our work here at Cash World Gold Buyers and praise us as the most trusted number one diamond buyer in Sydney.