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Gold is definitely our bread and butter but we are happy to take your silver all day long. We are Australia’s premium buyer of silver and the prices we pay go someway to explaining why we are Number 1. Whether it is old jewellery that you just don’t wear anymore, or a new piece that you just don’t like, we will be more than happy to give you cash on the spot for it today.

We are committed to giving you the best possible return on your gold, jewellery and precious metals. We will not be beaten on price.

There was a time when extravagantly carved solid silver furniture decorated the rooms of royal palaces in Europe. Most of this furniture has long since been melted down to pay for wars and national expenditures. Though nowhere near as extravagant, silver continues to be a valuable commodity and likewise, still plays its part in more affluent homes, as household and personal items like jewelry, cutlery, tableware as well as coinage and bullion. Its wide spread availability and international recognition as a substance of monetary value means that almost every household has access to silver in various forms and with varying levels of purity. Although silver jewelry is still popular, silver household items have, lamentably, fallen from grace ( this is especially so due to time poor households and the high maintenance these items demand).

Cash World Gold Buyers is ready with the best valuations in town for just such valuables. With thirty five years of experience in purchasing all types of silver, we can offer you near instant appraisals, quick and easy processing and cash-in-hand outcomes. We are in the market for silver whatever its condition ( antique or modern, tarnished or damaged ) or form ( bullion, coinage, household items or jewelry ) and with our resident gemologist we guarantee you a valuation above that of our competitors. There are a number of reasons why our clients have voted us Sydney’s number one, trusted silver merchant and here are just some-

Unbeatable Valuations

Cash World Gold Buyers offers unbeatable valuations for your unwanted silver whatever form it takes. We want your unloved silver and we are prepared to offer higher than market price valuations to acquire it.

Instant Cash-In-Hand

We here at Cash World Gold Buyers stand by our promise of almost instant cash-in-hand for your precious silver. Our quick and easy paper work has no hidden complicated questions, combined with our `on-hand’ specialists for instant valuations, means that the procedure takes no more than fifteen to twenty minutes.

Ensured Privacy

Tantamount to our procedures is safe guarding the privacy of all our clientele. We have no hidden agenda nor do we build client lists that can be sold to a third party. The privacy and confidentiality of our clientele is of the utmost importance to all the staff members at Cash world Gold Buyers. This you can be guaranteed!

On-Hand Gemologists

Unlike many of our competitors, at Cash World Gold Buyers we have experienced gemologists on-hand to give you instant valuations. You can be assured that you are receiving the very best valuation and purchase price for your valuable silver items. We understand our client’s time is valuable and with this in mind, and with `no appointment necessary’ access, your time spent in our showroom will be as brief as is only necessary. We, of course, welcome you to browse our counters but in our busy lives it is nice to know that you have the flexibility to call in at a time best suited to your schedule.

At Cash World Gold Buyers we welcome all forms of silver, especially so jewelry. Whether modern or antique, broken or not, pristine in condition or damaged and tarnished, we have years of experience in valuing such jewelry. From bracelets to bangles, rings to broaches, chains or necklaces…even to tiaras, no mode of silver jewelry is beyond valuation by our experienced experts.

Our goal is to give you the best price possible for your silver jewelry and our appraisal processes follow those measurements for purity, weight and quality that are used throughout the world. We are also expert at appraising the value of any gemstone decorated silver jewelry and guarantee you a better than market valuation for not only the silver content but also the gems which may embellish it.

Whichever way you look at it, a visit to Cash World Gold Buyers is the most convenient and astute move in convertingyour unloved or unwanted silver whether jewelry, household items, coinage or bullion into ready cash-in-hand.

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