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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


If I get a quote, do I then have to sell with you?

No, never. All of our quotes are given for FREE and with absolutely no-obligation to sell. You can go away and have a think about it and our quote will be still be on the table if you decide to come back and sell with us.


Do I have to wait to get paid?

No, we pay cash on the spot. The whole valuation process will be carried out in front of you in the store by one of our highly experienced professionals. The quote will be given and you money ready to be handed over straight away if you decide to sell.


What do you buy?

We specialise in gold jewellery but we also buy watches, gold and silver bullion, gold nuggets and coins, scrap gold, diamonds, gemstones, platinum and silver jewellery.


Does it cost me anything to sell to you?

No, never. Our objective is to give you the very best possible price for your gold, jewellery or watches. All prices quoted are exactly what you receive and we never add on any hidden fees or commissions.


Why should I sell to Cash World Gold Buyers?

Very simply because we guarantee to give you the best price around. We will beat any quote from any of our competitors.

–Convenient location at 303 Pitt Street Sydney ( just a short walk from Town Hall Station)
– No appointment necessary though of course you can contact us on 02 9267 9990 touring a time
– Friendly, expert staff
– Instant cash remuneration
– Transparent and easy procedures
– Best prices around for your valuable items
– We work with the most up-to-date international valuations using the most up-to-date technology
– We offer all our clients and prospective clients a heart welcome to our showroom


What alternative do I have in payment methods?

It is quite normal that we should venture into such a financial transaction with some trepidation if not fear!! Cash World Gold Buyers wants the process of selling your valuable items to be as easy, pleasurable and transparent as possible. We want you to feel that you are entering a win-win situation. Part of this process is the method of payment that best suits your situation. Of course all transaction remain confidential. We are proud in offering the quickest transactions around with payment forms taking instant cash, bank transfer or cheque.


Can I back out of selling my items?

At any time you can withdraw from the transaction with no penalties incurred for yourself. A moment of hesitancy or change of mind is only natural under the circumstances and at Cash World Gold Buyers we totally understand …its all part of e exceptional and friendly service.


Are there any penalties in selling damaged or broken items?

Definitely not. All precious metals have an intrinsic value which can be converted into instant cash whether it is in fine, worn or damaged condition. The value is in the material from which it is made. While some items carry the added value of a prestigious name or artisanship, may be of historical significance or limited edition, be decorated with jewels or simply metal, other items can be simply ‘everyday’ type jewellery or indeed broken and incomplete…it all has a value based on the international valuation for the metal on the day you visit us.


Can I keep any gems in my jewellery?

Absolutely though this does depend on their successful removal from the item. Our on hand experts will advise you of this when you first bring your items into our showroom. As the whole process is done on the spot with yourself in attendance you can rest easy that what is returned to you is indeed the gems you brought in. Keep in mind that Cash World Gold Buyers is also expert in offering the very best, obligation free, valuations for your precious gems.

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