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Decades of experience in this business has taught us that people look to sell jewellery for a whole host of different reasons. Most people are just looking to trade in some old jewellery, but we also often deal with those people who have recently been made an executor of a deceased estate, or those individuals who have inherited jewellery items from a friend or family member.

Antique Jewellery and Heirlooms

The pieces that need selling in these instances are often antique items that require a high level of knowledge and expertise in order for the seller to achieve the very best price on them. At Cash World Gold Buyers we are able to offer this expertise so that you get the best value from your jewellery in what we know can be a sometimes stressful or challenging period.

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After making the decision to sell your bullion bars or coins, a not insignificant investment, your next choice must be in locating a trusted precious metal dealer whose recommendations and valuations you have confidence in accepting. With more than three decades in the business and a reputation for the very best above market prices paid, Cash World Gold Buyers is your obvious choice.

This is especially so when it comes to selling Platinum bullion for although it is indeed one of the most valuable of all the precious metals, it can also be one of the most difficult to sell. Not all precious metal merchants are equal and though there has been a massive increase in the number of buyers in gold and silver, not all deal in the more rarified purchasing of platinum. At Cash World Gold Buyers our precious metal experts have had many years of experience in the purchasing of platinum (this is especially important as, often and easily, platinum is confused with the less valuable white gold), have a keen knowledge of the international markets, and the valuation commanded by these markets.

Platinum could be described as the dark horse of the precious metals. Found extensively in pre-Columbian civilization and probably more as an interloper in Ancient Egyptian artifacts, platinum did not appear in Europe until the mid 16th century when it was originally seen by the Spanish as an impurity in gold and thus disposed off. It wasn’t until the mid 18th century when platinum’s lack of malleability was overcome that it began to be seen in a different light. In modern timesplatinum has been used mostly in the manufacture of high quality jewelry. ( For the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, the present Queen’s mother, her newly made crown was made of platinum-the first British crown to be done so ). More recently platinum has found a wide range of uses in industrial and medical fields.

Its scarcity through out the world, perhaps only a few hundred tons produced annually, means that platinum has become ahighly sought after hard asset- as a means of protecting your wealth against financial disruption or stress and unlike a particular currency, its value is internationally recognized.

Platinum however, is not immune from price fluctuations. While gold and silver are also at the mercy of market changestheir demand is not as driven by industrial forces. When times are tough their value skyrocket as they are considered safe havens against economic turmoil. Platinum is not! When the world’s economies are in times of volatility and industry falters the value of platinum tends to decrease. In times of sustainable economic and industrial growth the value of platinum will often outstrip that of other precious metals by 2:1. Two other important issues with platinum that make it difficult to sell. The first is directly related to its malleability. Only the most experienced of jewelers, well trained in their art, can work such a precious metal with any great success. The time and cost of labour is far greater than that devoted to silver or gold. The second point is that unlike gold or silver, platinum can not be reused or re melted. Any broken or discarded platinum must be sent to be refined again-a most expensive process. What may appear negative factors in the reselling of your platinum are in reality only small hindrances to your objective for with a little diligence and homework you will come to realise there is only one destination that ticks all the boxes and that is Cash World Gold Buyers.


At Cash World Gold Buyers we take into consideration all these factors when valuing your platinum jewelry, coins or bullion. You can be assured our well trained experts are going to offer you the very best price for your precious metals. Our promise of a fifteen to twenty minute transaction turn around, combined with pressure free consultation, transparent paperwork, guaranteed discretion and perhaps most importantly, instant cash in hand, makes Cash World Gold Buyers the very best destination to sell your platinum, whatever shape it may be in.

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